Expert Oil Changes in Chicagoland

Oil changes are one of the most fundamental maintenance routines that every vehicle owner needs to keep up with. They’re the holy grail of vehicle maintenance, given that they improve gas mileage and increase the lifespan of the vehicle. Unlike other maintenance jobs, oil changes aren’t optional if you want to keep our car, truck, or SUV out on the road for any length of time. Without oil changes, you’re going to very quickly find yourself with high repair costs, and that’s something no vehicle owner wants to face in the future. If you’ve been looking for an oil change near me, then you’ve arrived at the right place.

The Chicagoland area is lucky to have Jiffy Lube® to give them efficient, quick oil changes that get the job done without taking up too much of your time. Experienced, friendly professionals get to the heart of the matter and take care of that fundamental necessity of the oil change. An oil change is considered preventative maintenance because it keeps your vehicle from suffering breakdowns and poor gas mileage and efficiency due to engine problems. And the longer you let your vehicle run past its recommended oil change time, the greater you chances of damaging other important components of your vehicle.

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Battery Maintenance and Replacement Services

A healthy 12-volt battery will run at close to 13 volts when measured, but it’s something consumers never notice. At Jiffy Lube™, we want your battery to exhibit the healthy cells of a vehicle battery regardless of the numbers. For that, you need our expert help.

At Jiffy Lube™, we’ll locate the battery in your car, run a diagnosis of the battery’s condition and make sure there’s good contact with the battery cable clamps. It’s all part of our maintenance routine. We offer services like cleaning sulfate-caked terminals, repairing broken clamps or replacing batteries.

A healthy battery is a reason the car starts every morning, so it’s important to maintain it and replace it when the time comes. Doing maintenance on a regular basis will keep the battery doing its job all the while it’s viable. That maintenance ensures the car will start every morning.

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Winter Driving Tips

Driving can be challenging anytime, but driving in the winter is especially harrowing. If you live in a place that gets cold, snowy winters like Chicago, you know that sometimes you have to be out driving in inclement conditions. So if you must be out anyways, it’s a good idea to learn how to drive safely. Once you do, you’ll have more confidence when going from one destination to the next in bad weather. If you’re wondering how to drive safely this season, here are some tips.

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Vehicle Inspection by Jiffy Lube

From brake checks to tire rotations, there are many aspects of car maintenance to keep track of. Sometimes, you can’t remember all of it, and parts can go bad in between your car’s scheduled check-ups. If components start to fail, you can end up with costly damage to your vehicle. And one component that starts to go bad might put undue stress on surrounding parts, which in turn leaves you with a nightmare bill and more repairs. Another thing that drivers don’t always consider is the fact that letting some parts go can also result in a fine. If you drive around with a light out, for instance, you might get fined depending on your state’s driving laws. Furthermore, a car with a broken or malfunctioning component might not pass inspection. If you’re concerned that your car might not pass inspection, or if you just want to a set of trained eyes to make sure everything looks good, bring your car to Jiffy Lube when you’re asking yourself “where can I go for vehicle inspection near me?” Depending on the services your local Chicago-area Jiffy Lube offers, you’ll be able to get a thorough inspection and emissions check.

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Snowy Driving Tips: How to Navigate Winter Roads Safely

The condition of the weather at this time of the year, which sees roads covered with slippery ice and snow, can challenge even the most experienced driver. Slippery road conditions make your car more difficult to control, changes the time you have to respond to hazards, and reduce the amount of traction your tires have.

Before braving the extreme weather, make sure to be knowledgeable of the precautions so you can arrive at your destination safely. Here are some snowy driving tips you need to remember before driving in winter conditions.

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What You Should Do When The “Check Engine” Light Illuminates

Imagine you are driving down the road when you notice that your check engine light has come on. Now what? Nearly everyone has been there at one point or another. What you do next can often mean the difference between major car repairs and a dependable, smooth ride. To ensure you know what to do before this scenario happens, we would like to offer the following advice.

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Maintaining Your Vehicle

If you are like many other vehicle owners, your car is your primary source of transportation. You understandably rely on it to keep you safe on the road and to get you around town and beyond without hassle. In order to ensure that your vehicle lives up to your high expectations and has the longevity that you are hoping for, regular vehicle maintenance is essential. You can easily look for a Jiffy Lube near me for assistance with many types of auto maintenance work. Before you do, however, consider why this step is essential and what it entails.

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Diesel vs. Gas Engine Maintenance

Buying a new car can get confusing. Do you buy an SUV or a smaller compact car? Do you look at diesel engines or gas powered engines? These questions and so many more are always swirling in the minds of consumers. That’s why our experienced team wanted to be sure at least one of your questions is answered by letting you know the major benefits and ways to maintain both diesel and gas powered engines respectively.

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