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When To Use High Mileage Oil | Chicagoland Jiffy Lube®

Manufacturers are creating such high quality vehicles these days that people are now able to maintain their vehicles for longer than ever before. With vehicles being as expensive as they are it is beneficial to perform routine maintenance and occasional repairs instead of having to invest in something completely new every few years. Routine oil changes are just one of the maintenance items that you should make sure gets done every so often. Depending on the make and model of vehicle that you drive and how often you drive it, you should have your oil changed by a Jiffy Lube near me every six months to one year. For vehicles that are a few years old and have a high number of miles on them you can use a high mileage oil Jiffy Lube in your vehicle.

What Vehicles Would Benefit From High Mileage Oil?

A vehicle will benefit from a high mileage oil if it has approximately 75,000 miles on its odometer or more. It is important to keep in mind that high mileage oil has to do with the amount of mileage on a vehicle. The age of the vehicle doesn’t matter. You could have a two year old vehicle but if it has accrued a lot of mileage then you might want to make the switch to high mileage oil. You might have an old sports car in your garage that doesn’t get driven much. If the mileage is low then skip the special oil. The basic concept has to do with an older engine that has been used a lot. Its ability to perform properly will become more difficult as time goes on.

How Does High Mileage Oil Function?

As an engine ages and is used frequently there are different parts of the engine that will begin to wear down. This could be the seals on the cylinders and valves or the cylinders themselves can start to weaken with use. The performance of your vehicle will start to decrease and your vehicle may even consume more oil than normal. Having your engine repaired can be a pretty costly issue so if you can avoid that with a minor change to the oil you use that would be best. High mileage oil will slow down wear and tear. It is quite a bit thicker and contains conditioning agents. This can actually bring some life back into your worn out seals and reduce oil consumption.

If you have any further questions about what specific type of high mileage oil Jiffy Lube would work best for your vehicle think about what the closest Jiffy Lube near me would be. The experienced technicians that are on staff can assess your vehicle and determine what the best type of motor oil would be moving forward. You can also inquire about an oil change schedule. Establishing a good routine for routine maintenance is incredibly important when it comes to protecting the overall investment of your vehicle.