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Stay Safe This Season With a Winter Safety Kit | Chicagoland Jiffy Lube®

Driving any time of the year can be difficult due to weather or unexpected delays – but during the winter months, you also have to worry about the added complication of sub-freezing temperatures, slippery roads, and poor visibility.

Make sure that you and your family will stay safe no matter where winter travel takes you by stocking your vehicle with a Winter Safety Kit. These items can come in handy in many situations, and can help ensure you’re able to deal with any problems that come your way.

Bottled Water & Snacks

There’s nothing worse than getting into a fender bender – especially if you have to wait for a tow truck or emergency services. Keeping water and nonperishable snacks in your vehicle can make the wait easier to deal with, especially if you have kids. A small snack can also help calm your nerves and keep your stress levels down while you wait for help.

Jumper Cables

The cold temperatures of winter can wreak havoc on vehicle batteries. Make sure you’re able to start your car if yours dies unexpectedly by having a pair of jumper cables on hand. This ensures you’ll be able to get your vehicle going long enough to get to your neighborhood Jiffy Lube® in order to have that battery replaced for a new one.

Caution Triangles

If you do happen to have a breakdown, being seen by other drivers on the road is important for both your safety and theirs. That’s why you should have a set of reflective triangles on hand. These foldable, high-visibility markers will help alert other drivers that your vehicle is disabled, as well as help tow truck drivers find you. You can also opt for road flares instead if you prefer, which are more visible at night.

First Aid Kit

You never know when you or a passenger might end up with a minor cut or scrape, even if you haven’t been in an accident. Having a first aid kit in your vehicle means that you’re always prepared for minor injuries.

Snow Chains

Planning on driving in areas with poorly maintained roads? Take the time to pick up a set of snow chains. These inexpensive accessories help your tires to grip better in poor road conditions, helping you avoid slipping all over the road or getting stuck in accumulated snow.

Kitty Litter

While this may seem like an odd suggestion, a big bag of kitty litter can serve two purposes. Firstly, putting that extra weight in your truck helps put more pressure down on your rear tires, which increases their grip. Secondly, if you ever find yourself stuck with your tires spinning in ice or snow, putting litter under the tires can improve the grip enough to help get you out safely.

No matter what kind of weather mother nature throws at us this winter, these products can be a big help in making your day as smooth and easy as possible. As always, your neighborhood Jiffy Lube® is here to help you with all of your regular maintenance needs so your vehicle is always in tip-top shape. Stop by anytime, no appointment necessary!

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