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Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter | Chicagoland Jiffy Lube®

Four Cold Weather Driving Tips

Chicago winter driving is more difficult than driving in the spring and summer, so it is essential to prepare ahead of time by caring for your vehicle’s interior and exterior. By using a variety of cold weather driving tips, you can avoid having vehicular problems and your automobile will have a longer life span. In addition to having winter driving supplies such as a blanket, flashlight, food and water inside your vehicle, make sure to plan ahead in the autumn by using these easy ways to prepare your vehicle for the winter.

Way 1: Check the Wiper Blades and Fluid

A snowy and icy day is the worst time to replace a wiper blade, so make sure to check your vehicle’s wiper blades for wear and tear damage. If the rubber on the blades is degrading or missing, then it is time to replace all of these items. You might have two or three wiper blades that are different sizes, so you should make sure to look at your vehicle’s instruction booklet to choose the correct size. While you are buying wiper blades, make sure to purchase windshield fluid to keep the windshield glass cleaner.

Way 2: Fill Your Tires With Air

Check your tires to determine if there is enough tread on the items so that you will have enough traction on the ice and snow. Visit a gas station so that you can add air to your tires, and also, make sure to have an air pressure gauge to add the correct amount of air. There is usually a sticker on the inside of the driver’s door that will tell you how much air should be inside your tires to have the best traction on the road. One of the bonuses of having the correct tire pressure is making your vehicle more efficient so that you aren’t wasting gasoline.

Way 3: Add Antifreeze To the Proper Container

Open the hood of your automobile to check the antifreeze level. The container that holds the antifreeze has lines to show you how much antifreeze to pour in. You can buy huge bottles of antifreeze to use throughout the year. Occasionally, you will need to have the antifreeze flushed from the container and its plastic lines, and you can do this job on your own, or you can drive the vehicle to a mechanic instead.

Way 4: Have a Vehicle’s Oil Changed

You should bring your vehicle to a Jiffy Lube in Chicago to have its oil changed. Winter driving in this city is rough on your automobile’s engine, so you must have the oil changed before the temperature drops. At a Jiffy Lube, a mechanic can change your vehicle’s oil and change its other fluids in only a few minutes. Most service calls at Jiffy Lube last 30 minutes or less because service centers have special drive-thru areas that make it easy to have your vehicle’s oil and fluids changed several times a year.