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Preparing Your Vehicle For A Summer Road Trip or Vacation | Chicagoland Jiffy Lube®

It is important to work hard to attain the things that you want in life. However, an important part of producing your best work requires taking a vacation sometimes. When you think about where you might like to travel most in the US (to experience something new with all the comforts of home) you might find yourself planning a road trip or vacation. Let’s consider what you can do to prepare your vehicle for that stress-free trip today.

A big part of enjoying your road trip is the serenity that you feel as you cruise down the freeways. If you take that away, the vacation can become more stressful than pleasurable. You don’t want to fight with a bad alignment that is pulling you off the road or a vehicle that is not performing properly because the Check Engine Light is illuminated. In fact, even something like uneven tread on your tires or old tires can ruin your trip if you hydroplane or suffer a blowout. Hydroplaning occurs when vehicles encounter wet surfaces and are unable to retain traction because the wheel spins on the surface tension of the water. Quality tires will help you avoid hydroplaning by channeling the water out of your way.

Differential Problems

Another problem that you may have when you start driving your vehicle at high speeds is wheel noise and even growling differentials. If you have not changed your differential oil in the last few years or 30,000 miles, it may have deteriorated. If you don’t change the gear oil and your engine oil, you can suffer from premature wear and damage to these parts. Although these little grunts and groans may seem bearable when you are just cruising around the block, they can lead to breakdowns in the middle of nowhere if you take a road trip. Why risk your life and the lives of others by putting yourself in an emergency situation?


Another common problem that occurs when you are out on the road is overheating. We’ve all seen that car pulled over on the side of the road letting out billows of steam or with someone pouring spring water into their engines in hopes of cooling it. Your car may overheat if the thermostat regulator or water pump fail. This can happen from the failure of a serpentine belt tensioner or simply from oxidization or premature wear in the pump. You may also have this problem if you have a small leak and fix it with a quick fix pour-in product that then clogs the passages of your radiator and prevents proper water circulation.

Don’t blow your head gasket and let your engine overheat. When an engine overheats, the head will usually warp and may need to be milled down at a machine shop to sit flush with the engine block again. A water pump will die prematurely if you don’t use the correct mixture of coolant and water, for example, or if you use the incorrect coolant. In fact, there are even cars out on the market made by Volkswagen that will turn the coolant into gelatin if you mix the wrong kinds. Because there are so many variables to consider before putting your aging vehicle under stress, I always search for vehicle maintenance near me and find the closest Jiffy Lube.

Jiffy Lube® Offers a Full Range of Services

Jiffy Lube offers so many fast and relatively inexpensive services for my money. They do Check Engine Light diagnostics, Air Conditioning repairs, brake service, gear oil changes, oil changes, and even alignments. They provide so many services and don’t hold me up all day waiting when I am busy. I even trust them to replace my important belts and hoses. You should never wait for dry rotted hoses to burst or for aging belts to snap.

A timing belt that is past due can mean the end of your engine in a matter of seconds. The timing belt is the only thing keeping your valves from crashing into your pistons and exploding. When I search for vehicle maintenance near me, I always make sure that I find a Jiffy Lube service center because they can be trusted to carry out such precision repairs. They are publicly accountable and have franchises that allow you to redeem warranty repairs anywhere in the country.

That is, perhaps, the greatest benefit of having my car serviced at Jiffy Lube, the fact that I can always schedule a Jiffy Lube oil change near me and have any previous repairs double-checked if I am worried. It makes sense to shop in such a prolific franchised repair shop when you have travel plans.

A/C Repairs

Ensuring that you’re A/C is cold during hot summer road trips is another critical maintenance item. A lot of people try to top off their A/C system with those cans of refrigerant sold in the stores, thinking that is the solution. This is very rarely the solution. In most cases, you have any number of accumulative problems leading to a dysfunctional A/C system. Only an expert at Jiffy Lube can pinpoint the causes and figure out what needs to be done without playing guessing games or wasting your time. An A/C system that does not run hot may just have a problem at the orifice tube or expansion valve.

These components can get clogged or worn out. When they do, they no longer atomize the gas to help it change into the molecular states necessary to create the refrigeration effect. If left unchecked, the liquid refrigerant will then get into the compressor and destroy it.

Oil Changes

Your oil plays a critical role in retaining the longevity and value of your engine. When an engine reaches operating temperature, the pistons are only degrees away from melting. The metal expands and moves up and down the walls of your cylinder block with explosive force. If you want to ensure that your engine reaches 200,000 miles or more before a rebuild is needed, then you will have your oil changed regularly. And when it comes to a summer trip, you usually want a heavy 10w 40 full synthetic oil that will distribute the heat and eliminate the hotspots that wear out engine parts prematurely.


I believe that Jiffy Lube employs the most talented light-duty technicians around. They use professional equipment to solve all my problems fast. This makes my road trips a true pleasure because I never have to worry. For this reason, I always search for a Jiffy Lube oil change near me to check my battery, A/C, wipers, tires, brakes, and any subtle problem I perceive.

Jiffy Lube® recommends following manufacturer recommendations, where applicable, for maintenance schedules and service intervals.

Not all services are offered at each Jiffy Lube® location. Please check with your local Jiffy Lube® service center for specific services offered.

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