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Oil Change Near Me | Chicagoland Jiffy Lube®

Expert Oil Changes in Chicagoland

Oil changes are one of the most fundamental maintenance routines that every vehicle owner needs to keep up with. They’re the holy grail of vehicle maintenance, given that they improve gas mileage and increase the lifespan of the vehicle. Unlike other maintenance jobs, oil changes aren’t optional if you want to keep our car, truck, or SUV out on the road for any length of time. Without oil changes, you’re going to very quickly find yourself with high repair costs, and that’s something no vehicle owner wants to face in the future. If you’ve been looking for an oil change near me, then you’ve arrived at the right place.

The Chicagoland area is lucky to have Jiffy Lube® to give them efficient, quick oil changes that get the job done without taking up too much of your time. Experienced, friendly professionals get to the heart of the matter and take care of that fundamental necessity of the oil change. An oil change is considered preventative maintenance because it keeps your vehicle from suffering breakdowns and poor gas mileage and efficiency due to engine problems. And the longer you let your vehicle run past its recommended oil change time, the greater you chances of damaging other important components of your vehicle.

What Oil Changes Accomplish For Your Vehicle

The engine is the heart of your car’s mobility. If the engine fails to function, the vehicle simply isn’t going to go. Before seizing up completely, though, the engine might have other inconvenient symptoms, like stalling, running “rough,” or being very “noisy.” All of these engine problems can arise sooner if you fail to get an oil change for your vehicle when it’s recommended. Your owner’s manual will usually tell you about how often you should have an oil change, but places like Jiffy Lube® are experts at knowing your make and model as well as your manufacturer. With so many well-trained and certified mechanics on-board, you can count on being served by an auto technician that is passionate and knowledgeable about their craft.

To understand what oil changes do for your vehicle, it helps to understand that the engine is what converts gas into motion. So in order for your car to be in motion, smoothly, the way that it’s supposed to be, your engine has to function properly. Important components of the engine include spark plugs, pistons, sump, and crankshaft, all of which need adequate lubrication in order to stay in great shape. If you don’t have regular oil changes, parts like this begin to wear out more quickly and in turn affect the entire engine itself, leaving you in a vehicle that may or may not be operating at top performance.

When you get an oil changes, the professionals who work on your vehicle are flushing out old oil and replenishing the system with fresh, new oil that will help your engine operate at top capacity. Not only does it keep your engine itself healthy, but it also keeps the rest of the car’s parts connected to the engine healthy and in great shape. Oil changes do a lot of positive things for your vehicle, but most importantly of all, they keep your engine running in a smooth fashion that keeps it safe from heat and ongoing damage. Bad oil can do a number on spark plugs and other components.

What Happens if you Fail To Get Regular Oil Changes

Quality oil changes do a lot for a vehicle. Namely, it keeps heat flowing away from the engine as opposed to it. When you don’t get regular oil changes, your vehicle can begin to exhibit a lot of different symptoms that aren’t very pleasant. For example, your engine will get hotter more easily and quickly, paving the way for heat damage to some of the internal components as time goes by. And since the components of the engine won’t be lubricated properly, it’s likely that the components will begin to exhibit damage to, as they’re not running as smoothly and in the way that they should.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the things that might happen in you skip an oil change or many oil changes. In other words, when your engine isn’t “running smoothly,” the following things can happen:

  • Dirt will build up in the engine, the longer you go after a skipped oil change, resulting in a possible air filter clog.
  • Your engine will run “hotter” than it should be running, and over time, this can really do a number on the parts of the engine and in turn the engine itself
  • You might face the day when your engine will not operate at all, and this is when repair costs skyrocket and things get really serious

None of these things have to happen! Oil changes are a breeze when you go to a quick lube center like Jiffy Lube®. The folks there have oil changes down to a precise science. You pull up to the center, get direction from the friendly and professional mechanic, and pull your car right into the center’s hub for a quick and thorough oil change. While you’re there, you can also benefit from terrific additional services that are offered free along with oil changes (such as brake inspections).

Quick Lube Advantages And Additional Services

We’ve already touched on one of the primary advantages of bringing a vehicle into a quick lube environment. First off, you don’t need an appointment, and this is ideal for people who have very busy and active lifestyles. In 10 minutes or less, you can have your oil change completed and be on your way, almost like you were having your vehicle through a “fast food” type environment where you get what you want and you get it quick.

Thankfully, Jiffy Lube® doesn’t take shortcuts, and although their professional auto mechanics are able to quickly assess oil levels and get the system up and running in tip top shape again, they’re also able to get this done quickly, leaving more time in your day for the things you want to do. Thousands of people in the Chicagoland area are taking their vehicles in for these quick oil changes, and they’re loving the additional services they get for free, such as brake inspections and fluid checks. It’s one of the best ways ever to make sure that your vehicle is running in tip top shape and doesn’t have an obvious problems that need to be serviced immediately.

Finding An Oil Change Near Me

If you know it’s time to get your oil changed, or you’d like to have someone gauge when your oil change should come around again, then give the folks at Jiffy Lube® a call. They’re absolutely professional, friendly, and on the job at all times, making sure that your engine is happy, healthy, and running at maximum efficiency. Folks in the Chicagoland area are always one step away from a fast, friendly, and professional oil change that keeps their vehicle running and healthy for as long as it can be. Just call your local Jiffy Lube® today.