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Maintaining Your Vehicle | Chicagoland Jiffy Lube®

Maintaining Your Vehicle

If you are like many other vehicle owners, your car is your primary source of transportation. You understandably rely on it to keep you safe on the road and to get you around town and beyond without hassle. In order to ensure that your vehicle lives up to your high expectations and has the longevity that you are hoping for, regular vehicle maintenance is essential. You can easily look for a Jiffy Lube near me for assistance with many types of auto maintenance work. Before you do, however, consider why this step is essential and what it entails.

The Importance of Regular Auto Maintenance

Regardless of the make and model that you drive, your vehicle’s reliability and functionality are dependent on its excellent condition. Wear and tear through regular use can result in components wearing out, getting dirty and showing other signs of wear. These issues can dramatically reduce functionality, and they could lead to an untimely breakdown. Fluid levels may also run very low, and this can result in additional wear. Repair issues may become more prevalent and serious if you fail to maintain your vehicle as desired, and the vehicle’s longevity may decline significantly. In addition, some issues may also affect fuel economy. When you stop by a Jiffy Lube near me, you can easily schedule service for most of your car’s maintenance needs to be addressed in one convenient location. While many drivers think about Jiffy Lube oil changes as the primary service offered, the reality is that Jiffy Lube also offers assistance with air conditioning systems, air filters, batteries, brakes, transmissions, drivetrains, emissions, tires, wipers and more.

Checking Fluids

Your vehicle requires an ample supply of numerous fluids in order to function properly. One of these fluids is engine oil, and Jiffy Lube oil changes should be completed regularly to ensure that engine oil is clean and effective. The precise interval between oil change services may be determined by your automaker, and we can help you to follow your automaker’s recommended service schedule. Other automotive fluids that require regular attention include coolant, windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid and more. You may most commonly bring your vehicle to a local Jiffy Lube for an oil change, and we can tell you during your visit if any other fluids require your attention during your visit. Because we have the capabilities to review all fluid levels and to replenish the supply of most fluids, you can reasonably expect us to facilitate exceptional vehicle maintenance over the years.

Testing Electrical Components

From time to time, you may notice engine warning lights turn on. These require immediate attention, and Jiffy Lube inspections may reveal what type of repair or maintenance services are needed. In some cases, parts may need to be cleaned, or hoses may need to be replaced. In other cases, your engine may require major service. Through our inspection of your vehicle you can receive personalized and honest advice so that you know the proper auto service steps to take going forward.

Inspecting and Servicing Tires and Brakes

At a Jiffy Lube near me, you can receive more information about the current condition of your tires and brakes as well as the need to service or replace them. For example, we can notify you about the need to balance or rotate your tires, and we can complete this service in our convenient location. Our team also has the skills and equipment necessary to install replacement tires when the time comes to do so. Another critical component associated with the safe operation of your vehicle is the brake system. If you are concerned about the age or condition of your brake pads and other related components, it makes sense to contact us for an inspection. Our skilled auto technicians can inspect your brakes quickly and can let you know what steps need to be taken to improve the condition of your car.

Checking Lights and Wipers

Your car’s lights and wipers are essential components for vehicle safety, but it may be easy to overlook issues with these components. For example, some of our customers are not aware of the fact that one of their headlights or taillights is out until after requesting an inspection. Jiffy Lube inspections can also yield important information about your vehicle’s front and rear wipers. In many instances, we have the lights and wipers for your model in-stock and available to install quickly. Through this type of automotive maintenance work, you and your passengers may stay safer on the road when driving at night or when inclement weather conditions are present.

Servicing the Engine’s Components

Oil is only one of many components required for the safe, efficient operation of your car’s engine. For example, your vehicle also needs a quality battery, an effective coolant system, a well-maintained transmission, a clean and efficient fuel injection system, an excellent drivetrain and more. Scheduling maintenance work for your vehicle through Jiffy Lube gives you a convenient way to inspect these and other engine components regularly. When you learn about developing issues soon and when you address those issues with repair or replacement service before they become problematic, you can feel confident in your vehicle’s ability to provide you with safe, reliable transportation as needed.

Vehicle maintenance is an essential component of automotive ownership. You could take your vehicle all around town to piece together all of your car’s service needs, or you could save yourself time and energy by bringing it to your local Jiffy Lube. Because we have the skills, equipment and supplies on-hand to assist with many types of auto maintenance services, it makes sense to stop by Jiffy Lube soon for quality maintenance work.