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How to Tell if Your Headlights Are Working Properly | Chicagoland Jiffy Lube®

This Sunday marks the end of daylight savings time, which means that it’s time to set your clocks back and enjoy some extra daylight at the beginning of your day.

This change has one somewhat negative side effect: it also means that you’ll likely be driving in darker conditions on your way home from work or school. And, as we all know, it will only continue to get darker at an earlier hour for the winter months ahead.

One of the most important things to keep you safe on the road this winter is having properly functioning headlights. They help you to see the road ahead of you, alert you to any debris or obstacles on the road, and make you visible to both other drivers and pedestrians.

Now is the Time for a Headlight Check

Before we get too far into daylight savings, you should take the time to make sure that all of the lights on your vehicle, especially your headlights, are in good working condition. This is as simple as turning on your vehicle and your headlights, as well as your turn signals one at a time, to ensure that you don’t have any dim or burnt out bulbs.

You should also check your high beams and low beams. Both of these settings are essential to driving safely when visibility is poor due to rain, snow, sleet, or fog. Your brake lights and backup lights are important to safe driving, so be sure to check those as well.

When you are completing all of these checks, you should also make sure that your interior lights are working properly as well. This includes your instrumentation lighting, which helps you to see things like your speedometer and thermostat while you are driving.

Another aspect of making sure your lights work properly is having clean and clear light covers. Snow, dirt, and mud build-up can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your headlights and indicator lights. Make sure to check your vehicle for snow or mud before you get in to drive, and if there is some built-up, wipe it off as best as you can and try to get to a car wash as soon as possible.

When in Doubt, Turn to the Experts

If you aren’t sure how to check your lights, or it is difficult for you to manage without help, stop by your neighborhood Jiffy Lube®. Your highly trained technician can check all of your lights for any burnt out bulbs, malfunctions, or dimness, and even replace them for you if you’d like to avoid the hassle. Participating locations can even restore cloudy or yellow headlights with our Headlight Cleaning Services. It’s just another Job for Jiffy™ that’s aimed at helping you keep your vehicle in the best condition possible.

Jiffy Lube® recommends following manufacturer recommendations, where applicable, for maintenance schedules and service intervals.

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