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Gas Saving Tips | Chicagoland Jiffy Lube®

Constantly having to fill up your gas tank can become a major annoyance. Instead of smoothly sailing to work in the morning, you’ll have to join the others on line at the pump. In addition to taking up time, you also have to spend more money. Fortunately, you can follow some tips to reduce the amount of gas that you use.

Know Your Car
Following gas saving tips is important, and in order to maximize them, you need to know your vehicle. When purchasing a new car, you must ask what type of gas the vehicle takes. In the event that you’ve owned your car for awhile, you should speak with a mechanic to find the answer. You might be unknowingly spending extra money on a type of gas that your car doesn’t need.

Keep Cool and Save Cash
According to Triple A, it is actually more efficient in terms of gas to use the air conditioning than to drive with the windows open when you have a vehicle of a newer model. With older cars, however, you may want to consider how much gas you’re wasting to keep the car at a chilly temperature. When the weather is beautiful, consider rolling down the windows and letting the fresh air in, at least when you’re not sitting traffic.

Take a Walk
Another of the gas saving tips involves trying to reduce the amount of times that you use your car. For example, if you just need to run up to the corner store to buy a few items, consider going for a stroll. In addition to saving money on gas, you are taking steps that help to better your own health and to keep the environment clean.

In many cases, taking a walk or a bike ride to your destination is not possible. You may live many miles from work. Fortunately, Jiffy Lube gas saving tips can help for your situation as well. Consider carpooling with a relative or friend who works in the same area. Also, you may want to find out if your community provides a space for individuals interested in carpooling to meet and leave their cars. When you’re sharing the cost of weekly gas, the price won’t seem so bad.

Watch the Pedals
Triple A also suggests monitoring how you’re operating in the car in order to maximize on your gas. This entity suggests that you both accelerate and brake more slowly. By doing so, as opposed to slamming your foot on the gas pedal or the brake, you are helping your car to save gas. On top of saving yourself gas and money, you will probably have fewer nauseated passengers in your vehicle.

The quest to save gas is one on which many people embark, especially when they start to see prices climbing up high. Following some Jiffy Lube gas saving tips can help you feel as though you’re back in the day when gas was cheaper. Doing so will also let you keep more money in your wallet.