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Diesel vs. Gas Engine Maintenance | Chicagoland Jiffy Lube®

Diesel vs. Gas Engine Maintenance

Buying a new car can get confusing. Do you buy an SUV or a smaller compact car? Do you look at diesel engines or gas powered engines? These questions and so many more are always swirling in the minds of consumers. That’s why our experienced team wanted to be sure at least one of your questions is answered by letting you know the major benefits and ways to maintain both diesel and gas powered engines respectively.

  • Benefits Of A Diesel Engine
  • Maintenance Of A Diesel Engine
  • Benefits Of A Gas Engine
  • Maintenance Of A Gas Engine

Benefits Of A Diesel Engine

The main benefit of utilizing a diesel engine is that fact that they get better fuel economy than gasoline powered cars. The total increase in fuel economy has been observed to be just over 30%. This means that if a gallon of gas would normally take a car 20 miles, a gallon of diesel in an equivalent diesel engine would take the car 26 miles. Assuming gasoline and diesel cost about the same per gallon, this means consumers have a lower gas bill at the end of every month.

Maintenance Of A Diesel Engine

Much like a gas powered engine, a diesel will require frequent oil changes. You should check the owners manual to find the exact figure of how often it should be changed, but a good rule of thumb is once every 5,000 miles. Additionally, the coolant levels in a diesel should be watched very closely. This is because a diesel engine can cause it to become acidic and start to negatively impact other aspects of the vehicle. For the best service of diesel engine maintenance Chicago, Jiffy Lube is here to help with jobs like coolant flushing and replacement.

Benefits Of A Gas Engine

The main benefit of a gas powered engine is the fact that you often get higher horsepower ratings than diesel powered engines. This allows you to haul more and carry more payload on a single trip. Additionally, gas powered engines are typically easier to fix if something should ever go wrong. If you have any other questions about gas engine maintenance Chicago is full of knowledgeable service centers.

Maintenance Of A Gas Engine

Gas powered engines also require frequent oil changes. In addition to these oil changes the oil filters should also be changed on a regular schedule. Additionally, air filters should be changed on a regular basis to make sure that no dirt, dust or other particulates should contaminate the engine. If these filters get clogged, you can quickly see a reduced performance out of your gasoline engine. Looking for the best gas engine maintenance Chicago area? Then look no further than our experienced team at Jiffy Lube.

Whether you’re in search of gas or diesel engine maintenance Chicago has some of the finest automotive professionals. Have any additional questions or want to schedule a service appointment? Then Jiffy Lube is your one stop shop!