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Chicagoland and Northwestern Indiana Jiffy Lube® Top Tips for Fall Vehicle Maintenance

The leaves are changing colors, and children are back in school. There’s nothing like the open road as the weather cools down. Although you may be ready for a road trip, your car might require some TLC. Explore these best practices for autumn maintenance on your vehicle. A safe and trouble-free drive is in your future.

1. Tire Pressure

The most basic vehicle maintenance check to start out with is tire pressure. The temperatures might be dropping in your area, which means that the tires probably have improper air levels.

A free pressure check is always available at Chicagoland and Northwestern Indiana Jiffy Lube®. Most services involve a check and air-pressure adjustment. In rare cases, a leak might be found. It’s always better to find those tire leaks at home than on the road. Patching the tire or replacing it altogether are two options at that point.

2. Windshield Wipers

The summer’s heat will damage the rubber wipers on your windshield. Be sure to have a professional inspect the wipers before your road trip. They can be swapped out in only a few minutes. Fall may be relatively dry in your region, but there can always be a stray shower. Preparing for any surprise weather will keep you safe on the road.

Consider an upgrade to your wipers too. There are some robust brands that will work well through the fall and winter.

3. Engine Oil

Whether or not your engine is due for an oil change, it’s a smart idea to at least have it checked anyway. Summer’s heat can put a lot of strain on the engine’s oil. It may need a change based on the vehicle manufacturer recommendations

Evaluating the oil also includes a look at its level. If your engine oil seems to be dwindling down to the minimum level, a leak may be in play. Find the issue now so that a major oil problem doesn’t follow you down the road.

4. Coolant Change

The coolant flowing through your radiator and hoses keeps the entire engine within a safe temperature range. Temperatures outside may be cooling off, but the engine still runs with a lot of heat.

Consider vehicle maintenance that includes a coolant exchange. Mechanics send fresh coolant into the system while checking for any part wear. An engine will quickly decline if the parts get too hot on the road. You may even notice a difference in the reading on your temperature gauge. Adding just plain water to the system doesn’t have the same effect as exchanging the coolant with a professional’s assistance.

5. Air Filter Replacement

You might have certain adjustments on your vehicle wish list, such as replacing the shocks or aligning the car. However, one of the simplest upgrades on the car that truly improves its performance is replacing the air filters. Both the engine and cabin have separate filters that become clogged after only a few months of driving. Replace them in the fall so that the engine can breathe along the road.

6. Battery Checks

A dead battery shouldn’t be part of your fall adventures. Allow the professionals to examine the battery, terminals and connecting wires. They should clean off any corrosion from the battery and connectors. A voltage check with a load is another good maintenance step to take.

Go a step further by checking the spark plugs. All of these electrical elements can fail if they aren’t regularly examined. The autumn is just a good time to take the extra steps toward proper vehicle maintenance.

7. Headlight Service

Many of today’s cars have daytime running lights. These lights are essentially on whenever the engine runs. As fall’s darker nights set in, you’ll need the headlights more often. In fact, you might find that using the high beams is essential during those trips out to rural areas.

Ask the professionals to clean the headlights. They can remove that fuzzy sheen that plagues older headlights. The vehicle may need new bulbs too. A professional cleaning allows the lights to be seen for many feet in front of you, which improves the vehicle’s safety on the road.

8. Tire Rotation

You decided to fill up those tires to the proper pressure values, but consider a step further in your fall vehicle maintenance steps. Rotating the tires gives them a slightly longer lifespan. The front tires that take on most of the braking and accelerating action can now be put in the back. Your back tires, which include tread that’s not as worn as the front tires, can now take center stage.

Road trips are now safer than ever before since the back-tire tread is now assisting the front end of the vehicle.

9. Interior Lights

A fall vehicle maintenance detail that might be overlooked is a check on the interior lights. Summer’s long days makes it easy to forget that there are lights in the car at all. Allow a mechanic to evaluate the interior lights, especially if they’re flickering or out altogether.

If you must stop along the road during your fall trip, the ambient light may not be sufficient for your needs. Brand-new light bulbs installed in the interior can make a big difference.

10. Brake Check

Although your brakes may not be making any noise, it’s always a good idea to have them checked before harsher weather arrives. Mechanics can adjust the brakes so that all of the parts are in alignment. Any uneven wear to the brake pads, for example, can lead to premature replacement costs.

Find a qualified mechanic at participating Chicagoland and Northwestern Indiana Jiffy Lubes®. Adjustments and complete replacements during an appointment are possible. In fact, exchanging the brake fluid may be the only service that the car requires right now. You should always have confidence in your brakes before a fall road trip.

Be sure to visit our local Chicagoland and Northwestern Indiana Jiffy Lube® facilities today. Our team is always ready to serve your car’s needs. From free windshield wiper checks to complete transmission flushes, Jiffy Lube® will protect your car’s engine as you explore the fall landscape.

Jiffy Lube® recommends following manufacturer recommendations, where applicable, for maintenance schedules and service intervals.

Not all services are offered at each Jiffy Lube® location. Please check with your local Jiffy Lube® service center for specific services offered.

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