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Brake Repair & Service Check | Chicagoland Jiffy Lube®

How to Check Your Brakes

Checking your own brakes isn’t always the safest and effective way to diagnose a potential break problem. Trusting one of the technicians at JiffyLube with a free brake inspection is an ideal choice for making sure your brakes are performing at their best.

How to Check Brakes

Your brakes are a vital part of ensuring that your vehicle is able to be driven safely. If you’ve ever wondering how to check brakes, the team at JiffyLube is here to help! A brake system that is working at its greatest potential is able to efficiently control slowing the speed of your vehicle and stopping your vehicle. A vehicle that is able to brake effectively can help a driver avoid an accident. Brakes that work properly protect the safety of everyone – you, the driver, and the individuals that share the road with you. In the event that you are almost facing an accident or vehicle collision, you want your brakes to be able to react as quickly and effectively as you need them to. Keeping your brakes repaired and regularly serviced makes sure that you can avoid any of the potential consequences of brake failure.

Your vehicle should be getting its brakes checked regularly. Most vehicle manufacturers would recommend that this would occur at 12,000 mile intervals. This number might fluctuate depending on specific specifications for your vehicle or the condition of your brake linings.

Is it time to get my brakes checked?

If it isn’t time for your regularly preventative maintenance appointment, there are a number of other issues that may cause sign of alarm or mean that it is necessary for you get your brakes checked sooner or later. Be on the lookout for:

  • a brake pedal that feels “low”
  • hard braking
  • unfamiliar vibrations
  • squealing noises coming from your brakes
  • brake lights that won’t turn off

These warning signs definitely mean that you should get your brakes inspected. A free brake check can help make sure that your brakes are working to their best potential and are safe to use. If a problem does happen to come up, it is also important to considering that maintaining your brakes properly will be much less costly than having to suffer the consequences of an automobile accident.

Trust the team at JiffyLube to keep your brakes up and running by starting with one of our completely free brake checks! From there one of our skilled technicians can make sure that your breaks are functioning as best as they can so that you can drive safely.