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Back To College - Car Care Tips | Chicagoland Jiffy Lube®

Going back to college each year is a very exciting time. When you are going back to school, there are many different important factors that need to be considered to ensure you are properly prepared. One part of your life that should not be overlooked when you are going back to college is your vehicle. There are a variety of tips that you should follow to ensure that your vehicle is properly cared for and prepared for your busy schedule when you are going back to the college.

Oil Change

One of the most important car care tips that you should take care of before you go back to college is getting an oil change. The oil of a vehicle is the lifeblood that helps to ensure that it continues to run efficiently and that the engine can continue to work for an extended period of time. Because of this, you will need to make sure that your engine oil is replaced at least every 5,000 miles. If you have an older vehicle, you will want to replace it even more frequently than that. To make sure that you have clean oil, it would be a good idea to have it replaced before heading back to school.

New Tires

When getting ready to go back to college, you will want to make sure that your vehicle will be safe to drive. One of the most important parts of your vehicle that will help to ensure that you are safe behind the wheel when driving car are your tires. Before heading back for the next semester, you should spend time looking at each of your four tires. If they look a little bit worn, it might be a good idea to have them rotated. If the tread clearly looks worn, you should have them replaced entirely.

Check Battery

The last thing that you will want to happen when you wake up for that early morning class is to have a dead battery. Harsh climates, changes from hot to cold, and lack of use are just a few reasons a battery dies.  Sometimes, it’s simply b/c the battery is worn out.  You should have your battery fully inspected before heading back to college. You should also consider having it replaced if you have had it for more than five years. Ideally, you should also keep a set of jumper cables and a starting kit in your vehicle in case it doesn’t crank one day.

Emergency Kit

Another one of the most important car care tips is to make sure that you are prepared for bad situations. While your car can be in great shape, accidents do happen, and you need to make sure that you are prepared for them. In your vehicle, you should make sure that you keep a set of jumper cables, a car jack and spare tire, a flashlight, and a variety of other tools to ensure you are able to make minor repairs when needed. This could help you out in some tougher situations.

Stop by your neighborhood Jiffy Lube to have any of these items checked, or if you have any questions.