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AC Repair and Charging | Chicagoland Jiffy Lube®

Automotive AC Charging & Maintenance

A car in need of AC repair makes for an uncomfortable ride. No one wants to spend the summer driving around in a hot car. Auto AC maintenance is the best way to make sure your AC keeps working as it should. Jiffy Lube technicians are trained to provide professional AC maintenance.

Your car’s air conditioner relies on three main parts. The compressor, condenser, and evaporator work together to keep you cool. Regular auto AC maintenance makes sure these parts stay in working condition. But sometimes there’s a glitch in the system, and a technician needs to solve the problem.

Types of AC Systems

Auto air conditioners generally have one of two types of systems. The difference between them is which device adjusts the refrigerant pressure.

While the compressor, condenser, and evaporator are important parts of an AC system, they need help getting the job done. The orifice tube, receiver-drier, accumulator, and thermal expansion valve play important roles as well. In some systems a thermal expansion valve is used in place of the orifice tube. So one system has an orifice tube that regulates the refrigerant, while another will use a thermal expansion valve.

The Orifice Tube AC System

General Motors and Ford automobiles generally have orifice tube systems. You’ll find this tube inside the inlet tube in the liquid line or the evaporator tube. The orifice tube is short, about 3 inches long. It consists of several small brass tubes with plastic surroundings. You’ll also see a filter at each end of the orifice tube.

One disadvantage presented by the orifice tube system is its tendency to clog. Debris can easily clog the system and cause the AC to breakdown. The cost of repairing or replacing the orifice tube is sometimes high as well. The best way to avoid this expense is to keep the system in good work condition.

The AC Expansion Valve System

After-market systems generally use the expansion valve system. This system is often preferred because of how well it manages refrigerant and the evaporator. The expansion valve is found between the evaporator inlet and outlet tubes. The liquid and section lines are found there as well. If not properly maintained, the expansion valve may clog with debris. But usually not at the same rate as the orifice tube AC system. But the expansion valve does contain several small moving parts that sometimes stick together because of corrosion. This can cause the system to breakdown.

Jiffy Lube AC Maintenance

Jiffy Lube technicians are trained to perform AC maintenance on most brands of automobile. After discussing the symptoms, your AC will receive a visual inspection. If there is no damage or leaks, the technicians will remove the refrigerant from the system, perform a vacuum test, and recharge the air conditioner.

The Jiffy Lube AC service focuses on maintenance and not AC repair. But Jiffy Lube technicians will suggest ways to get your AC working again.