Constantly having to fill up your gas tank can become a major annoyance. Instead of smoothly sailing to work in the morning, you’ll have to join the others on line at the pump. In addition to taking up time, you also have to spend more money. Fortunately, you can follow some tips to reduce the amount of gas that you use. Read more

Four Cold Weather Driving Tips

Chicago winter driving is more difficult than driving in the spring and summer, so it is essential to prepare ahead of time by caring for your vehicle’s interior and exterior. By using a variety of cold weather driving tips, you can avoid having vehicular problems and your automobile will have a longer life span. In addition to having winter driving supplies such as a blanket, flashlight, food and water inside your vehicle, make sure to plan ahead in the autumn by using these easy ways to prepare your vehicle for the winter. Read more

Rotating tires and checking the treads for wear has several benefits, including safety, cost savings, and increased tire longevity. Your tires’ treads are critical to safe driving, as they essentially act as a glove to keep your car on the road. As the treads wear, they start to lose their ability to grip the road’s surface. This can pose a tremendous danger, as it cause the car to lose traction on wet and icy surfaces. Furthermore, worn treads also make it much easier to get a flat tire, which can leave you stranded. Rotating the tires as necessary also reduces the risk of uneven tire wear. Regular tire rotations can also extend the lifespan of all four tires, and they prevent you from having to get new tires before you need to. Another critical reason to rotate the tires is that failing to follow a routine tire rotation schedule often invalidates the tire warranty. Read more

Preparing Your Vehicle For The Summer Season

Summer is approaching fast, and you need to make sure your vehicle is prepared. It is easy to overlook the stress summer puts on your car; for example, consider the heat, the dust, and the hectic traffic that usually comes with summer vacations. All of these stresses could strain your vehicle and could lead to engine failure. Read more